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Red Coral

For excellence in the popular imagination when it says red coral is associated with the coral of the Mediterraneo basin no less there are other varieties of color red also collected in areas of Japan and the Philippines.

coral coral coral coral

Below we list the types of red coral used in the jewellery:

  • CORAL RED OF MEDITERRANEO - Corallium Rubrum
    From the uniform color from dark red to orange. The collection area is the basin of the Mediterraneo.
  • SCIACCA CORAL - Corallium Rubrum
    From the color orange. Theoretically exhausted deposits were found in the sea of Sciacca (AG) preserved buried in muddy banks brought to light after millions of years. Of rare beauty and priceless.
  • AKA (MORO) CORAL - Corallium Japponicum
    From the uniform color from bright red to darker tone also called oxblood-grained crystalline with presence of white spots. Collection area Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan. Of rare beauty, but, with a large defect with the perfect pieces they create unique jewels of inestimable value.
  • SATSUMA (MOMO o CERASUOLO) CORAL - Corallium Elatius
    Collection area Philippines and Japan. From color no compact medium red show areas which fade into orange up to the white coral that characterizes an internal area also known as white veining which requires a more careful workmanship of raw materials to create components uniformly colored or at least that hides in areas not visible to the white part. Etymologically, the term derives from the tradition Cerasuolo dialect "cerasa" (cherry) coined by the masters of coral in Torre del Greco.

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