MaxGioie Cosmetics

Italian Craft Cosmetic


MaxGioie has a new vision of beauty, defining it Cosmetics Jewelry, intended as a precious result of synergistic elements aimed at making the concept of beauty, not only as the word Jewel, which in itself is final contributor element but it appropriates of the Cosmetics to go beyond the boundaries of dermatological aesthetics.

The dream come true: Barriera Corallina the MaxGioie cosmetics brand without compromised and out of the ordinary schemes.

Barriera Corallina is something more: it is the basis of the Opinionist Movement which intends to modify the concept of cosmetics.

Barriera Corallina represents the first true and proper Beauty Manifest.

The field of application is the everyday, confined in the intimate repetitive gestures that find the foundations in the lifeblood of the renewed opinion movement based on the rediscovery of traditions. The daily routine is made up of small attentions aimed at the concrete improvement of the quality of life apparently limited in the perimeters of the ephemeral sphere of beauty which, certainly and actively contributes to awareness/growth of personal psycho-physical well-being.

Having activated the areas of application and clearing the field of sensationalistic claims, we are working at concrete projects carried out by visionary moments, as such the ideas can finally rise to a higher level of dignity.