Coral Price Trend and Market

Coral Price Trend and Market

Coral Evaluation

From a careful analysis it emerged that among the most requested topics is to determine the correct economic evaluation of Coral, intended as jewel but, in any case, is concentrated in requests around the jewel between finished product and raw material (raw material without machining). It is the market that asks for it, the user is looking for quotation information more than any other element that can be useful as a decision support for the purchase of a coral jewel. There is also a considerable increase in requests for evaluation (expertise) of jewelery in Coral.


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As you can see from the attached images the searches like: Red Coral Price, Pink Coral price , White Coral Price , and in general everything related to retrieving information on the Value, Price and Quotation of Coral, ranks at the top of the research interests. Interesting to observe a particular phenomenon more than one keyword is linked to the Coral Quotation to a specific trend or vintage. The Gram unit of measurement is also present in the research and indirectly highlights it towards those looking for something that can give a certain price to develop a consistent purchase or sale price of the jewel.

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Google Search Console source search query
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Raw Coral

Here we are in the Wholesale Market little to do with the customer who buys jewelry in Coral or at least has value compared to the fact that the sale price will be influenced by the price of the material before and from its manufacture.

Below are explained the fundamental elements that determine the economic value/price of Coral as raw material.

  • TYPE OF CORAL. The price is linked to the geographical collection area and the type of coral extracted.
  • REGULATORY LIMITATIONS. There are international regulations CITES that constrain the Coral trade by significantly increases the selling price. Please refer to our specific study on Coral Trade.
  • GOVERNMENT POLICIES. Some countries with specific regulations impose the limitation of coral collection and also in this case prices increase considerably.
  • DIFFICULTY IN CORAL FISHING. Coral harvesting is carried out by Sub Experts who descend in depth between 80 and 130 meters. You can imagine the risk factor compared to the obligation of a Sustainable Fishing which can only take place selectively through professional divers.
  • INCREASE IN APPLICATION. New markets have appeared in the demand for large quantities of Coral such as to cause a considerable increase in prices. The Economic Equation the more the demand increases the more the price will undergo increases for the same available raw material.

Coral Carving

The working of the coral foresees the realization of geometric elements, the insiders define it Smooth, this is the processing of the raw material obtained through the removal of material (coral) aimed at the realization of the piece to be obtained. Coral as Art Form if it is Engraved through the removal of material aimed at the creation of artistic forms, here in addition to the cost of the raw material it is necessary to add the labor and the quality of the artist.

Below are the Canonical Elements which influence the sale price to be considered as the base value but, a more in-depth examination must be made on the Sale Price of the Coral Carving please refer to reading section Best Price and in-depth analysis Coral.


Best Price

Those interested in understanding whether the proposed purchase price is correct or are even faced with the Deal of the Century. All wrong! If those who follow MaxGioie know that we are committed to informing potential customers of the various market traps always advising them to rely on professionals in the sector. The typical questions are: coral is truly coral, you can trust the seller, the seller who offers Coral at the price you can see in your shop is reliable but, does the price offered in the shop represent the optimal solution?

3 rules to consider before buying a Coral Jewel.



In the market there are a good number of companies that work the Coral, the Geographical Zone of specialization is a determining factor that directly influences the quality and price. Torre del Greco is the center of trade and processing of coral; it is no coincidence that the MaxGioie Company is linked to its territory of excellence in addition to the fact that there are no intermediaries and sales agents that influence its price.

Market Choice

It's a matter of Choice: deciding which target market you want to target. A well-known example for all is given by a famous Italian company that sells olive oil, which has decided to offer its products directly in order to treat its customers in the best possible way. MaxGioie has chosen the path of Specialization in Online Sales, becoming the reference of its sector, with obvious advantages for the customer, the absence of intermediation, the offer of exclusive products, uncompromising quality and right price.

Quantity of raw material produced

Only the Large Manufacturers who work a Large Quantity of Coral can manage the processing in the best possible way, allowing themselves to keep even a lot of raw material immobilized, which can then be combined in the millet possible way, between color tone, quality and perfection of form. The Small Manufacturers are driven to immediately realize the work to be able to quickly return from the investments, the result will be worse: there will be more approximate workings (the raw material must be able to weigh as much as possible avoiding hard workings read for example less sphericity of the dot) besides the fact that if you work limited quantities you have to compromise in the combination of color tones and quality uniformity.


The reader who has been able to read all the information so far, must ask himself whether the coral jewel he is about to buy really has a coherent price and, at the same price, he is buying the best possible manufacture, as well as wondering if identified apparently similar products with different prices what is the difference that justifies this economic variation or if is the price linked to an actual difference in quality or is it just marketing?

The Solution

If the will to understand certain mechanisms on the Coral Value and on the Coral Prices led the reader to get here and acquired the popular purpose of the topics, the Goal was achieved: higher level of awareness. MaxGioie is your POSSIBLE SOLUTION, think about it by clicking here!

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