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Quantum Trade

Trying to summarize in a few words what MaxGioie represents in the luxury sector is difficult but it is possible to frame through a precise spot, intended as a circumscribed point of reading borrowed from the photographic field. All is started over ten years ago from a bet on how it could be the contact with customers without physicality, in the years in which the word internet was only for professiosts. In this way MaxGioie is born, we like to define this activity through the term we have coined: Quantum Trade that is goods and services available in geographic locations other than those of origin.

In recent years, the Company MaxGioie has been a pioneer in communication and formation in the world of jewelry, has disseminated topics that would have been limited only specialized persons that work in the sector. MaxGioie is part of a small and selected niche market for online sales where, as independent brand, it offers its customers exclusive products of the craftsmanship of the Coral of Torre del Greco as well as pearls, precious and semi-precious.

From a visionary idea was born in 2020 the new brand Barriera Corallina artisan Cosmetics Jewelry without compromise.

Coral Emotion - Corallium Rubrum - Mediterranean Red Coral - Torre del Greco Coral
Coral Emotion

Coral Emotion - Corallium Rubrum - Mediterranean Red Coral - Torre del Greco Coral
Corallium Rubrum


Selection is the noun to define a meticulous work that MaxGioie finalizes in search of craft jewelry not traceable through normal sale channels. Selection is our great care and passion in identifying exclusive jewels. The jewel has a value that goes beyond its economic aspect, MaxGioie is able to offer its customers prices competitive thanks to the organizational model without commercial intermediation.

Think a color: Red Coral!


MaxGioie is Coral if there were been some doubts it is better to emphasize it, as well as the MaxGioie logo is Red Coral!We have been the first to disseminate information on the world of Coral and incorrect business practices such as, for example, that of the Bamboo Coral with superficial treatment of color, sold as true Coral of the Mediterranean basin or Coral of the Sardegna. MaxGioie is a costant commitment in coral of noble origin that comes from the hands of ancient tradition from Master Craftsmen of Torre del Greco. MaxGioie strengthens its commitment in the coral sector with membership in ASSOCORAL corals and cameos of Torre del Greco.

Coral Emotion - Corallium Rubrum - Mediterranean Red Coral - Worked Coral Pendants
Worked Coral Pendants

Coral Emotion - Corallium Rubrum - Mediterranean Red Coral - Branches of Coral
Corallium Rubrum Rami


MaxGioie is a company that watchs to the future without forgetting the traditions of the past. In a dynamic reality like the Internet, the company MaxGioie, has been specializing in online consulting and sales for the Luxury and Jewels sector for years, selecting exclusive jewels for every taste and style... becoming today a reference point in the variety of products and services offered to customers. MaxGioie has as objective to bring the visitor to discover, day after day, news and trends. The Portal of Jewel MaxGioie is an exclusive point of reference where it is possible to find many information on jewellery.

MaxGioie is not an e-commerce site like the others, but it is something more to visit periodically to fully appreciate the differences:

  • Information - Content, details, small secrets all about MaxGioie.
  • Details - Shades to be able to appreciate the contents.
  • Choice - Wide range of products that can be viewed and selected.
  • Verification - The information does not stop at a simple showroom.
  • Consultancy - Maximum availability to guide in the choice with practical advice.
  • Transparency - Everything as clear as possible.
  • Guarantee - Everything necessary for maximum satisfaction and no surprises.
  • Quality - Management system according to quality standards.
  • Respect for the Environment - Ethical purchases and control of the life cycle of products with attention to environmental impacts.
  • Customer Satisfaction - Non-compliance management.
  • Feedback - Opinions and comments are very important for continuous improvement.