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The history and the traditions are interwoven in time linking to a territory the seed of handmade fertility, as old, dating at the beginning of 700. The city of Torre del Greco is territorially located between the Vesuvio National Park and the universally known Golfo of Naples known as City of Coral and Cameos.

Torre del Greco is art, was born with the art school "design of the jewel" and grows in an enormous way... it is perceived in the air and in the streets of the city. Only who have the opportunity to walk through its streets will perceive a beating heart of art...It is normal meet lots of ladies who wear Corallo jewels every day: "a fantastic and unique place in the world!" ;-)

The territory of Torre del Greco is full of businesses retail, wholesale and retail, dedicated to the sale of Coral and Cameos. Billboards, advertisements and more... signal at the visitor who has entered in the city of red gold!

Vintage Photo of the Vesuvius taken from Torre del Greco 70's years
Vesuvius 70's years

Vesuvius photographed from port of Torre del Greco
Vesuvius today

Vintage Photo of the Vesuvius and Coral taken from Torre del Greco
Welcome to the City of Coral



70's years

The story begins with the dedication and intuition of Salvatore Balzano who started the wholesale sales of bijotterie, coral and semi-precious stones. Specializing in the tourist market, he was the first artisan to create collections, with customized sizes for ladies, whose length was longer than the crew-neck necklace.


The MaxGioie idea was born in 2005 with the domain registration... later we have worked on the IT infrastructure that support online sales.



MaxGioie was finally born in 2008. The first major change regards the Core Business concentrated in retail sales exclusively through the internet channel... This is something new and not very widespread, especially in the jewellery sector. In recent years, a spasmodic search for the business via online auctions has spread by Internet users. After the initial euphoria, the network has give the welcome at the usual customers of the traditional channels more aware of the jewel. In these years MaxGioie is committed in the publication of many notions on the web jewellery that otherwise would be the domain for the insiders.


It's born new brand TakeRole... a young trademark in the fields of the luxury, fashion and trendy.



Ten years of MaxGioie the market has changed... new challenges for the future, new strategies are defined for the next decade! From the teachings of Benedetto Croce watch the past build the present and lay the foundations for the future.


In this year we continue with the new ideas born from 2018, we work tirelessly for a new IT platform.



Ordo Ad Chao ordering ideas to face the new challenges of the market completely changed by events that are impacting the entire globe. MaxGioie takes the field with big news: a new jewelry portal created by MaxGioie lab, entering the cosmetics sector with the Barriera Corallina project.

Coral Workmanship Torre del Greco